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We have interviews from marketing leaders who share their insights, tips, tools and tricks to get your offers, content, websites and all pieces of the marketing sales funnel to convert.

Watch the videos that fit where you are at in building your online marketing strategy:

  • Keyword research

  • Website development

  • Creating your offer

  • Building landing pages

  • Creating content

  • Building advertising on Facebook or Google

  • Mastering social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram...)

  • Tracking your numbers / Google Analytics

  • Making a business plan


Online marketing insights from the experts!
This summit includes experts that work with startups to high-ticket sales with B2B and B2C business owners, teams and large corporations. Each expert shares their go-to tools and platforms as well as 
key strategies for successfully taking customers through
the online sales funnel journey. 


OOMG-Online Marketing Expert-Erik Huberm

Erik Huberman

May 7 – Hawke Media

Key takeaways:

  • Build Awareness through Ads, PR, Prospecting and utilizing Influencers

  • Nurture Your Prospects with email, SMS, Chat bots +

  • How to develop & build trust through your marketing

OOMG-Online Marketing ExperJeromy Sonne.

Jeromy Sonne

May 9 – Moonshine Marketing

Key takeaways:

insightful tips on working with Facebook advertising, understanding audiences and how to target and retarget these audiences to hone your messaging and maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns.

OOMG-Online Marketing Expert-Jamie Shank

Jamie Shanks

May 11 – Sales for Life

Key takeaways:

  • How to reverse engineer your sales system

  • How to find opportunities with the customers you already have

  • Key strategies around connecting sales and marketing within small, medium and large corporations

OOMG-Online Marketing Expert-Promo-Maddy

Maddy Osman

May 8 – The Blog Smith

Key takeaways:

  • Target Market Discover Tools

  • Branded Language & Tone

  • How SEO plays a role in Headlines

  • How to engage prospects on social media

OOMG-Online Marketing Expert-Alex Branni

Alex Branning

May 10 –Your Marketing Coach

Key takeaways:

  • How to create a great lead generation offer

  • Key elements for converting on your first landing page

  • How to use Free offers vs Paid

  • Shortcuts to getting your funnel up and running

OOMG-Online Marketing Expert-John Vishne

John Vishnesky

May 12 – Nimble Fox Marketing

Key takeaways: 

  • Responsive Marketing Tips

  • How to use the power of story telling in your marketing

  • Conversion metrics for taking your offers to the next level

  • Tips for Fitness industry funnels

OOMG-Online Marketing Expert-Kim Walsh P

Kim Walsh Phillips

May 13 – Social Media Marketer

Key takeaways:​

  • Have your values align with your business rules

  • Always have an offer

  • How to get 10,000 followers on Facebook

  • How to market on Facebook

  • How to get more speaking engagements with influencers

OOMG-Online Marketing Expert-Steve Larse

Steve Larsen

May 15 – Lead Funnel Builder

Key takeaways:

  • Understanding your audience and where to sell to them quickly

  • How to rank client pains with regards to cost, price and value

  • 7 key elements to focus on when building your funnel pages


OOMG-Online Marketing Expert-Frank Eric

Frank Eric Cimrhanzel

May 17 – High Ticket Sales

Key takeaways:

  • Sell to your niche to be rich

  • Use YouTube & Google Docs to start with your first 100 Buyers

  • Capture 12 successful case studies/testimonials

  • Use the 3 A’s for campaigns: Attention, Awareness, Appreciation

OOMG-Online Marketing Expert-Niels Olivi

Niels Olivier

May 14 – FlowHub

Key takeaways:

  • Start with the emotion behind the service/product needed

  • Learn the steps to building out your online sales funnel

  • Learn about conversational marketing

  • Focus on getting traffic to your website first

OOMG-Online Marketing Expert-Jan Roos-La

Jan Roos

May 16 – Legal Marketing Fastlane

Key takeaways:

insightful tips on working with Facebook advertising, understanding audiences and how to target and retarget these audiences to hone your messaging and maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns.

OOMG-Online Marketing Expert-Allan Dib.j

Allen Dib

May 18 – 1-Page Marketing Plan

Key takeaways:

  • How to build your marketing plan

  • Get CRM tools for the resourceful entrepreneur

  • How to use long-tail keywords within your funnel

  • Sales strategies as a trusted advisor

  • How to be the best marketer in your niche

OOMG-Online Marketing Expert Promo-Chris

Chris Smith

May 19 – Real Estate Expert

Key takeaways:​

  • How to build your database using Facebook and landing pages

  • Secrets of email marketing that convert

  • Website strategies to develop ready-to-buy leads

  • Learn how to break through the traditional marketing and grow

OOMG-Online Marketing Expert-Viplove Bho

Viplove Bhojwani

May 21 – Market Squads

Key takeaways:

  • Learn headline strategies

  • Get a FREE buyer persona tool

  • Learn the Art of Looping thru follow up 

  • Get Tips for each of the 5 stages of the buyer’s journey


OOMG-Online Marketing Expert-Michael Bre

Michael Brenner

May 23 – Content Marketing

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to create content marketing that converts

  • How to integrate SEO with your content marketing

  • Increase leads and boost sales 

  • Develop a winning strategy with best content marketing practices

OOMG-Online Marketing Expert-Kevin Schou

Kevin Schouweiker

May 20 – Right Funnels

Key takeaways:​

  • Get a Step-by-step process for building your funnel

  • Understand the milestones that customers go thru in their buyer’s journey

  • Learn about the tools you can do to track customer behaviors

  • Learn how to maximize your funnel like a hockey stick for 16x results

  • Understand how to speak to prospect where they are at during COVID-19

OOMG-Online Marketing Expert-Tim Ash-Lan

Tim Ash

May 22 – Landing Page 

Conversion Expert

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the perspective of your visitors

  • How to engage and train visitors what to do when they arrive

  • Keys to building your authority

  • Keys to doing A/B Testing and the markers for knowing what’s working

  • Learn which type of content works best to convert prospects

  • Know which type of headlines work best


OOMG-Online Marketing Expert-PhilipCalve

Philip Calvert

May 24 – LinkedIn Expert

Key takeaways:

  • What you need to include on your profile

  • Tools and Hacks for successfully attracting your ideal clients

  • What to do if someone views your profile

  • What type of content to create for LinkedIn that works with it’s search algorism

  • Touchpoint strategies for your LinkedIn leads

  • Why networking on LinkedIn is important vs Broadcasting


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